Sustainable Praticles

Our Company has been adopted some sustainable praticles, with this we are contributing to environmental preservation.
We have made a commitment to reduce plastic in our organization, by opting to pack some of our products into recycled paper bags.

Quality Policy

Favima strives increasingly to improve the level of satisfaction of your customers, by complying with the applicable requirements, and focusing on the following principles:

• Encouraging teamwork;
• Commiting on the continuous improvement of its services and products, using the best technical and human resources;
• Valuating and motivating the organization’s human potential through processes of training and upgrading of skills;

Code of conduct

Favima strives for transparency in its organizational relationships.

Favima commits itself to:
• Act in accordance with the declaration of the International Labour Organization, focusing on the abolition of forced and child labour.
• Support and respect the international human rights protection throughout its sphere of influence. Seeks to establish relationships with entities, which share the same values as Favima, promoting the respect for human rights in its value chain.
• Provide a safe and hygienic working environment to its employees, through the fulfilment of services of Safety and Health at Work and in accordance with the legislation in force.



Code of conduct